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Celtic Punkcast Episode 1: April 2016

Welcome to the first Celtic Punkcast! Hosted by Gareth Olver from the City Geek Country Geek DC Comics podcast, I aim to bring you the best Celtic Punk, Celtic Rock and Folk Punk each week. Each month I'll be bringing you a feature artist as well, this month it's a favourite in the Olver household (my 3 year old daughter LOVES them!) Chicago's own The Tossers! I'd love to hear from you guys as well and will provide contact info at the bottom of these notes. Most importantly, if you like the music that you hear I strongly urge you to find more music from these artists, go out and buy their albums, merch, see them live etc! Ok, enough from me, here's the playlist (artists titles are in bold). Hope you like it everyone!


BLAGGARDS - Botany Bay (from the album 'Standards')


THE DREADNOUGHTS - Leonard Cohen (from the album 'Legends Never Die')


THE GO SET - The Miner's Son (from the album 'Rising')


THE MAHONES - A Drunken Night In Dublin (from the album 'Irish Punk Collection')


KILMAINE SAINTS - The Saints Are Up! (from the album 'The Good, The Plaid And The Ugly')


NECK - The Ferry Fare (from the album 'Sod Em And Begorrah!)



THE TOSSERS - The Rocky Road To Dublin (from the album 'On A Fine Spring Evening')

THE TOSSERS - The Emerald City (from the album 'The Emerald City')

THE TOSSERS - Siobhan (from the album 'Agony')


PADDY AND THE RATS - Sailor Sally (from the album 'Rats On Board')


FIDDLER'S GREEN - Bugger Off (from the album 'Sports Day At Killaloe')


THE RUMJACKS - My Time Again (from the album 'Gangs Of New Holland')


FLOGGING MOLLY - (No More) Paddy's Lament (from the album 'Float')


THE GOBSHITES - Arsehole (from the album 'When The Shite Hits The Fan')


SIR REG - A Sign Of The Times (from the album 'A Sign Of The Times')


THE REAL MCKENZIES - Loch Lomond (from the album 'The Real McKenzies)






EMAIL: celticpunkcast@gmail.com




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