Celtic Punkcast
Celtic Punkcast Episode 5: August 2017

Celtic Punkcast Episode 5: August 2017

August 11, 2017

Hello again everyone, thanks for taking the time to download and listen to the latest episode of the best in Celtic Punk, Celtic Rock and Folk Punk from all over the world. It feels like ages since the last show, so I was really keen to bring you some more great music including some new music from the Kilmaine Saints and a bit of news as well. This months featured band are the most wel known Celtic Punk band and one that most of us would enjoy, Boston's finest the Dropkick Murphys. So enjoy the show, go out and support the bands by buying their music, see their shows, search them out on social media etc and most importantly have fun! Tracks listed below, artists names are in capitals.


RAISE MY KILT - 'Hector The Hero'


SCOTTISH THUNDER - 'Glasgow Bound'THE BOLLOX - 'Welcome To Bastards Bay'

FIRKIN - 'Into The Night'


THE BLACK TARTAN CLAN - 'Don't Walk Alone'

MEISCE - 'Sean Reilly'

DUST RHINOS - 'Ragged Crow'



'The Warriors Code'

'Worker's Song'



THE KILMAINE SAINTS - 'Whiskey Blues And Faded Tattoos'

THE McGILLICUDDYS - 'Last Round In Lacombe'

WARBLEFLY - 'Warblefly In My Beer'


ROVERS AHEAD - 'Bonnie Lass'


MATILDA'S SCOUNDRELS - 'Take It To The Streets'


THE RUMJACKS - 'Green Ginger Wine'


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