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Celtic Punkcast Bonus Episode: Top 10 albums Of 2018

December 15, 2018

Hi everyone, I thought I'd drop a little something extra this year for December in addition to the Christmas Special, it's my top 10 albums of 2018 as judged by me and my old kelpie Banji. Some fantastic music came out this year and I swapped a lot of these artists albums positions around many a time before settling on the final rankings. Rankings are always suggestive so if you disagree with my list then feel free to let me know yours. Here's the rankings/playlist:



9: THE LANGERS BALL 'No Irish Need Apply' from the album 'HARD TIMES IN THE COUNTRY'.

8: THE O'RIELLYS AND THE PADDYHATS 'Green Blood' from the album 'GREEN BLOOD'.

7: BASTARD BEARDED IRISHMEN'Pirates Of Three Rivers' from the album 'DRINKIN TO THE DEAD'.

6: MR. IRISH BASTARD 'Oliver Cromwells Head' from the album 'THE DESIRE FOR REVENGE'.

5: KRACKIN KELLYS 'Anarchy In The Double K' from the album 'PROMISED LAND'.

4: SIR REG 'Don't Let Go' from the album 'THE UNDERDOGS'.

3: MEDUSAS WAKE 'Hobart Sailor' from the album 'RASCALS AND ROGUES'.

2: THE RUMJACKS - 'The Foreman O'Rourke' from the album 'SAINTS PRESERVE US'.

1: THE MUCKERS - 'Black Irish' from the album 'ONE MORE STOUT'.


So there it is. Any thoughts send them to me on twitter, facebook or via email and i look forward to more great music in the new year.

Muer ras,

Gareth & Banji.

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