Celtic Punkcast

The Celtic Punkcast Presents the London Celtic Punks 10 Year Anniversary Special

August 19, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to a special bonus episode of the Celtic Punkcast, celebrating ten years of service from the lads over at the London Celtic Punks site! The fine crew from LCP have given me a list of songs too play and without further adieu here they are:


THE BIBLECODE SUNDAYS 'Disorganised Crime'

THE WAKES 'Never Again'

ANTO MORRA 'London Irish'


THE LAGAN - 'A Song For Jim'

BLACK WATER COUNTY 'Under Skies Of Black And Blue'

NECK 'Everybody's Welcome To The Hooley!'


THE ROUGHNECK RIOT 'Ignorance Is Easy'


THE CRAICHEADS 'Greeting From Another Land'


CLAN OF CELTS 'Please Don't Send Me Home'


the London Celtic Punks website

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